UK Customers & VAT

To all UK customers, all orders will have owed VAT as well as any potnetial service fees that are determined by your country's customs department.

Please keep in mind that that means you'll have to keep a close eye on your package and pay any due fees in a timely fashion, otherwise your package will be marked for return and will get sent back to me.

This means that you will have the responsibility to pay any import fees, taxes, and any other additional charges in a timely manner in order to get your order delivered to you.

The prices in our shop do not include any customs and/or import duties, taxes, and charges in advance. Any one of these will have to be paid once your package is being processed by your country's customs department.

Note that due to the new VAT rules & regulations, this process can delay the delivery by an additonal 1 — 2 weeks!

If your package has been returned, please contact us!

If we receive a package marked as Rejected, Returned, or Unclaimed, we can offer the following options:

Ship your order back to you after repaying shipping fees again.

Refund your order, minus shipping fees + 10% restocking fee.