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Commissions Terms of Service

Upon ordering and submitting payment, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to my Terms of Service (also known as "Terms and Condition" and "Terms of Use").

For any questions or inquiries, please email commissions@swamphy.com.
Please allow up to 72 hours for a response back!

β˜… General

β˜† I will only start working on the commission after payment.
β˜† Any modifications, changes, or reproductions of my work without my permission is not allowed.
β˜† All communication between me, the artist, and the commissioner will be conducted and documented via email. All correspondence from me, the artist, will come from commissions@swamphy.com.
β˜† Please provide clear visual references. Any written descriptions should be as short and simplified as possible (no exceedingly long paragraphs).
β˜† All personal information will be kept private and confidential.
β˜† Violation/disregard of my terms will prohibit you from commissioning me again.

β˜… Process & Turnaround

β˜† Commissioner will receive the commission work in the form of a sketch and is allowed to request major corrections and/or alterations at this stage.
β˜† Commissioner will receive the artwork per email in high resolution upon completion.
β˜† Turnaround/completion time depends on the commission itself as well as any potential circumstances that may influence this, and will be discussed accordingly with the commissioner. Generally, however, completion time takes less than two weeks. Simpler style commissions can take up to one week.

β˜… Deadlines/Rush Commissions

β˜† Commission work that needs to be done within less than 5 business days is considered a rush order.
β˜† Rush Commissions cost an additional 50% fee of the original commission price.*
β˜† If you need the commission done by a specific date, it is the commissioner's responsibility to give a prior notice. We will then discuss the timeframe and arrange things accordingly.

* For example, if your commission costs €40, a rush order would add €20 on top of that, making it a total of €60.

β˜… Payments & Pricing

β˜† All payments will be paid via PayPal invoices in EURO (€).
β˜† All payments will be paid upfront in full.
β˜† Commissions with a value above €100 can opt for a payment plan. This will be discussed with the commissioner accordingly.
β˜† Any additional payments received that are not part of the invoice will be considered a donation, gift, or a tip.
β˜† Prices are non-negotiable.
β˜† Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the commission as well as any additional characters within a single commission.
β˜† Quotes will be discussed accordingly with the commissioner if direct prices are not available.

β˜… Refunds & Cancellations

β˜† Refunds will be given if I, the artist, for whatever reason, am unable to complete the commission. Otherwise, refunds are not eligible.
β˜† The commissioner has the right to request a cancellation before having sent payment.
β˜† I, the artist, reserve the right to cancel a commission for any reason without the obligation to provide an explanation.

β˜… Alterations & Revisions

β˜† It is the commissioner's responsibility to provide all necessary and specific details of the character.
β˜† Minor corrections and alterations are free of cost.
β˜† Major corrections and alterations are ONLY offered during the sketch phase. Once approved by the commissioner, any further major corrections/alteration requests will not be fulfilled.
β˜† I will not redo commissions.

What counts as major corrections/alterations? 
Entirety of the character's hairstyle, positioning of two or more limbs, change of pose, etc.

Please note that heavily "correcting" or "altering" the commission piece to the point the chosen character looks entirely different will not be accepted.

β˜… Copyright & Permissions

β˜† I, the artist, own and retain all copyrights over the artwork itself (not necessarily the characters therein).
β˜† Commissioners are allowed to post the commission to their social media with proper credit.
β˜† I retain all the rights to use the artwork in my portfolio or for self-promotion, with the exception of:
         * If, for any given reason, the commissioner wishes for their commission to remain private, it is their responsibility to communicate and give a prior notice regarding this, as well as providing a set date for permission for it to be posted publicly.

β˜… Commercial Purposes

β˜† Commissions are for personal use only.
β˜† Commissioners do not have permission to sell the artwork in any shape or form (physical merchandise, digital downloads, et alia), unless previously discussed and agreed on.