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(IMPORTANT NOTICE) Orders, pre-orders, and COVID-19

Hello everyone! I decided to make an official blog post talking about the current COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation in Portugal, and how it can affect order shipments as well as pre-orders. I'll try to keep it short and sweet!

If you want to skip to a certain part, this blog post is organized as such:

  • Orders & General Info
  • Pre-orders
  • Additional Notes

★ Orders & General Info

Portugal is taking preventive methods for COVID-19 and with it, they closed some post offices and reduced working hours for open post offices, as well as taking 2 hours every day dedicated to cleaning and disinfecting the interior and limiting access to the amount of people who can go inside the building (closed door services) to mitigate any potential risks.

This means that - inevitably - order shipments may face delays. I usually take 1-5 business days to ship orders, but this can change to up to 7-10 business days.

Ultimately, this is for the safety of the public health, which I really appreciate, so I kindly ask for your understanding and patience! The entire world has turned upside down dealing and combating this pandemic, but rest assured that every artist/shop owner is doing their very best to deliver you great service each and every time. The same goes to other people who are working.

★ Pre-orders

Pre-orders placed around mid to late January have been facing delays due to China's initial situation dealing with COVID-19, where workers had to self-quarantine for their safety and protection. Naturally, this caused production delays worldwide, from small businesses to much larger companies.

I always bring out the latest updates via my social media, Instagram and Twitter!

My manufacturer has gone back to work in late February and thus production has resumed, and any pre-orders placed in January/February are estimated to be shipped around late May/early June!

★ Additional Notes

I'd like to add that hygiene/cleanliness and sanitization has always been of the utmost importance to me and something I put a lot of care in. This has been my standard procedure for ages, even before COVID-19.

Every product in my shop gets cleaned/disinfected. Orders are packaged with disposable gloves after having washed my hands (sometimes they get an extra cleaning if I think is necessary) on top of a clean surface for good measure.


That being said, don't forget to wash your hands, everyone! Thank you for reading. ♥

 - Swamphy.