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  • Please read my Terms of Service thoroughly before sending in a form! It details important information, and by commissioning me, you automatically agree and accept my terms once payment has been sent.
  • To order a commission, please fill in this form and send it to
  • You will receive an email response within 48hrs with an answer as to whether or not I’ll accept your commission. You’ll also be given the final price and will be asked to provide your PayPal email in order to receive the invoice.
  • Completion time is generally one to four weeks.
        ↳  Turnaround time may be subject to prolongations as a result of any potential circumstances that may interfere with the timeframe. This will be discussed promptly and accordingly with the commissioner.

Note: If the commission is a Rush Order, requires a deadline, or needs any other form of discussion prior, the final price and invoice will be sent to you after the discussion is complete.


Please note that the following prices are for illustrations meant for personal use only.

Under no circumstances are you allowed to gain profit or use the artwork for profit or for promotional purposes.

Please visit the Extras section for commercial use pricing, as well as other optional choices!

Simple Sketch (Chibi)

Base Price: €35 (EUR)

  • Characters may be simplified
  • No background

Colored Sketch (Chibi)

Base Price: €45 (EUR)

  • Characters may be simplified
  • Comes with a simple soft gradient background

Simple Chibi

Base Price: €50 (EUR)

  • Character comes as a flat-colored chibi with colored lines
  • Characters may be simplified
  • Comes with a soft gradient background

Soft Chibi

Base Price: €90 (EUR)

  • Maximum characters per illustration: 1
  • Characters may be simplified
  • Comes with a soft gradient background with some simple minor detailing


Here you can find information about potential extra costs that your commission may be subject to, as well as additional optional choices to add to your commission.

You can always inquire about something you’re unsure of to

♡ Rush Order

+50% fee of the final commission price (*)

A Rush Order is considered a commission that is requested to be done in less than 7 business days.

(*) For example, if your commission totals to €100, then a Rush Order would total €150.

♡ Additional pets / objects / etc.

+ starts at €30

Any sort of familiars, pets, props, objects, etc. may be subject to extra costs depending on what is being requested. 

♡ Complex designs

+ starts at €20

Characters with a complex design may be subject to extra costs, features of which include but are not limited to: complex layers of clothing, patterns, tattoos, multiple limbs, lace, etc.

♡ Minor Corrections, Alterations & Edits

+ €10 per minor correction, alteration & edit

The first two corrections, alterations & edits are free of charge after a commission has been completed, but any further adjustments made are subject to additional costs.

Minor corrections, alterations & edits include but are not limited to: colour changes to small areas, changing/adding a small element (i.e. add bits of extra fluff, add eyelashes, etc.)

♡ Major Corrections, Alterations & Edits

+ €20 per major correction, alteration & edit

Major corrections, alterations & edits are only offered during the sketch phase, and cost an additional fee each. Please note that once the sketch phase has been approved, you will not be able to request these major changes anymore.

Major corrections, alterations & edits include but are not limited to: modifying position of one or more limbs, major alteration of hairstyle, overhaul of a piece of clothing, etc.


What is commercial use?

A commission with the intent of generating monetary profit (i.e. merchandise) or for promotional purposes (YouTube channel, Twitch, game/project assets, etc.) is considered commercial use.

A commission is considered personal use if the intent is to use it for non-profit purposes, such as a profile picture/icon, background wallpaper, decorative means for personal profiles, etc.

How is it calculated?

Tier 1 - For artwork used for promotional purposes - prices are x2 the base price.
Examples: Game/project assets, YouTube, Twitch, shop assets (business cards, promotional cards, etc.), and other promotional usages not listed here.

Tier 2 - For artwork used for monetary profit - prices are x3 the base price.
Examples: Keychains/acrylic charms, art prints, stickers, and other product types not listed here.

What are your prices?

These prices are calculated starting from the base price of each commission type. Final pricing will vary depending on your commission.



  • Original Characters (Humans, humanoids, monsters, kemonomimis, etc.)
  • Anthros / Furries
  • Pets / Ferals


  • Mecha / Overly angular characters
  • Any bigotry / hatred / etc. artwork
  • Extreme gore
  • NSFW

I’m not interested in partaking/having my artwork be part of any blockchain-related technology (NFTs, Cryptocurrency, etc.)


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Commission Type: (Soft Chibi, Colored Sketch, etc.)

Character Name:
Character References:
(Please provide clear visual references. Feel free to provide photos for hairstyles, clothing, etc., I will not work with descriptions)
Character Information: (Personality, mannerisms, quirks, likes, dislikes… try to keep this short and simple!)
Additional Info: (You may write any additional comments and/or notes regarding your commission or design here (such as pose, actions, etc.). If you have a deadline, please indicate the desired date. Otherwise, leave blank)

I, the commissioner, confirm that I have read, understood, and agreed to the terms of service of the artist, Swamphy, for the commission that I am interested in purchasing out of my own interest, and that I am of legal age and/or have my guardian’s permission to proceed with this purchase.

If you have any questions, please contact me at