Pin Grading Scale

Please note that grading scales vary per maker, as there is no set universal grading scale for all to follow!

Enamel pins are individually handmade items subject to small imperfections, meaning no pin is completely flawless. All our are inspected and graded accordingly. We also do not offer collector's grade pins.

By purchasing from Swamphy, you have understood and agreed to the conditions of this pin grading system.

Standard (A-Grade)

These pins are the highest quality we offer.

No major flaws, but may exhibit minor cosmetic imperfections that are only visible upon close inspection, under certain lighting and/or angles. They are great for wearing, displaying, or gifting!

Imperfections for Standard-quality pins may include but are not limited to:

♡ Light scuffing, scratches, buff marks, dents
♡ Tiny bubbles, specks and/or dots in enamel
♡ Slightly underfilled enamel in small areas
♡ Imperfections on the back or side of the pin
♡ Excess metal in-, or on the exterior lining of the pin
♡ Very subtle wiggly posts
♡ (Glitter Pins) Small specks of stray glitter, slightly darker specks of glitter
♡ (Screenprinted Pins) Slightly misaligned screenprinted details

Seconds (B-Grade)

Seconds-quality pins display more noticeable flaws that vary with each pin. ‎

These are sold at a discounted price and are fantastic for everyday wear and/or use and still make a great addition to a collection.

‎Imperfections for Seconds-quality pins may include but are not limited to:

♡ Noticeable and/or scratches across the metal and/or enamel
♡ Noticeable smudges and/or staining on the metal or enamel
♡ Excessive or larger display/area of bubbles, specks, dirt in enamel
♡ Tiny area of missing or chipped enamel
♡ Low or uneven fill in large areas
♡ Wiggly posts
♡ Minor discoloration or staining
♡ Wrongly filled enamel colors in small areas
♡ (Screenprinted Pins) More noticeably misaligned or missing screenprinted details