Plushie Care Guide

They have arrived!

Your new, lifelong friend has finally arrived at their new home!

As you take them from their protective packaging, it is possible that they may keep falling forward. Your friend has been on a long, tiresome journey after all! Just like us humans, they need some time to stretch and readjust. This is all perfectly normal!

After you take them out of the packaging and your plushie seems to be unable to stay standing on its little legs, give them some squishes, massages and/or gentle tugs to help stretch and get them back in shape. Pushing back their head a little can also help!

All plushies have been carefully and lovingly tested and checked before sending them off to their new home, so all they need is a bit of help and they’ll bounce back in no time!

Washing your plushie

All of our plushies are made of soft, minky fabric!

These require special care and love as they are made from artificial materials.
If your plushie gets dirty, we recommend hand washing them and avoid machine washing.

To clean them, follow these recommendations:

#1 - Spot clean them with cold water and gentle soap.
#2 - With a clean towel, carefully but firmly rub the stain.
#3 - Let it air dry naturally. Do not place in a dryer.


All of our plushies have been safety tested according to CE standards and can be given to children above 3 years of age.

However, please keep in mind that our plushies are originally meant to be a collector's item for adults. Some of our plushies may have small parts that can be swallowed and choked on by children under 15 years of age.

We advise you to remove all tags and small accessories (if applicable) to avoid choking hazards. We are not liable for any incidents that may occur due to unsupervised play with our products.