Pannekoe Vinyl Sticker

Pannekoe Vinyl Sticker

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Pannekoe is a cow who loves pancakes! Nothing makes him happier than tasting sweetness of maple syrup and honey with a smidget of butter, and perhaps even a little cheeky whipped cream on top... yum!

Did you know that Pannekoe's name is based on a Dutch pun? It's true! It's derived from the words "pannekoek" (pancake) and "koe" (cow)! 🐮🥞🧡

This vinyl sticker is waterproof, making it very durable and resistant against any form of wetness! Take this little honey of a cow with you by putting him on your binders, notebooks, computer cases, and amongst many other surfaces! (He'll gladly hang out in the kitchen with Cinnamoo, just saying!)

 3.1" inch at its longest size

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