Collectible Cards

(This page still needs some refinement, but here are some of the basics of the cards!

What are collectible cards?

Collectible Cards are little bonus freebies you get with your order as of February 3rd, 2020! They feature one of my Frenchie characters with some fun trivia and backstory on the back! These are NOT up for sale and are only obtainable through orders.

If possible, I might also end up designing special cards meant for certain events or holidays.

Please note that these are just for fun. I thought it was a nice little something to add as a token of gratitude. There are also chances where there are more orders than there are cards, which means that some orders will not receive a card due to them being out of stock! 


Will a previous card ever come back?
Nope. All cards have limited runs, so if one runs out, a new card will replace it.

Are the cards numbered?
All cards are numbered on the back.

How do I know which card I will get?
You can find out the latest card design via my social media and the homepage of my website! Additionally, they'll also be shown here, and once I have a newsletter system in place, customers who signed up for it will receive an email notifying them of the latest collectible card.

How will I obtain other card designs?
I'm planning on making a special hashtag for it in the future. For now, since I just started, there's no worry about missing out!